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  • Electronic Components

    Electronic Components

    Procure1 New Original, Hard-To-Find, & Obsolete Electronic Components -Authorized Lines of Distribution -1 Year Warranty on all products -Financing & payment facilitations Dedication to Quality , Integrity , & Professionalism

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  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Optimize Newest Technology Hardware & Software Availability and Accessibility Mobilize our expertise and resources in networking, virtualization, Cloud & More Enjoy unparalleled expansive solutions & Services for your data centers

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  • Electronic Test House

    Electronic Test House

    Inspection, Testing, Quality Assurance, & Peace of Mind -Materials Verification & Assessment -Counterfeit Screening and Compliance -Visual Inspection and X-Ray -Electrical & Functional Testing & More

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  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    Innovating the Printed Circuit Board Industry Your Trusted Electronics Manufacturing Solution Partner -PCB Design & Layout -PCB Production -PCB Test & More

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  • Oil & Gas Solutions

    Oil & Gas Solutions

    Optimize your oil & gas Production, Equipment Availability, & Accessibility, Reduce your production costs & Improve your production efficiency

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  • 3 D printing

    3 D printing

    Distributor of 3D printing Products & Services -Stereolithography (SLA , SLS , FDM , DMLS ), Rapid Prototyping, Design to Manufacturing Services, Advanced 3D Printing and Custom Finishing, Additive Manufacturing

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  • Quantum Computing

    Quantum Computing

    Information Processing, Systems Efficiency, Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection, Financial Applications, Hardware & Software Verification

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  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    IOT Products , Services, & Solutions; Help Develop new opportunities for Revenue Growth, Maximize Efficiency of your Operations & Physical assets

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  • Engineering Solutions

    Engineering Solutions

    Consult our teams of engineers, designers, planners, consultants, and technical specialists; Product, Manufacturing , Industrial, and Infrastructure Design

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  • Environment Solutions

    Environment Solutions

    Trade-in, Recycle or Donate your Value Assets, Solutions & Options for Creating Significant Value to Yesterday Products

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